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About the FSMCV

The Federation of Musical Societies of the Valencian Community integrates more than 550 Musical Societies, a non-profit organization that has the purpose of coordinating this associative movement, throughout the Valencian Community (95% of the municipalities of Alicante , Castellón and Valencia of more than 500 inhabitants have their music band, we speak of 40,000 musicians, 5,000 managers and more than 200,000 people associated). A sample of the great pedagogical work carried out by these associations are its 600 music schools that have 60,000 students and 4,000 teachers.

The tradition of the Valencian popular music materialized by the Musical Societies of the Valencian Community, was recognized by the Consell of the Generalitat Valenciana by means of the declaration of Intangible Cultural Interest (BIC) in 2018. Also, Turisme Comunitat Valenciana has wanted to recognize this work of the Musical Societies as agents of empowerment and conservation of cultural heritage, with the distinctive Mediterranean Musix, making this phenomenon as a key to the musical tourism of Spain.

In the Valencian Community, there is a very powerful social and educational phenomenon, unique in the world, the Musical Societies, musical groups with more than one hundred years of history that have managed to fill the streets of both big cities and small towns, of music, joy and sensations impossible to describe. Musical Societies that offer the opportunity for people to live a unique experience through music.

With the aim of sharing the great values ​​that are generated in the people who belong to these musical groups and to help discover new emotions when enjoying music from within, as a musician more than one of them, Musical Societies under the brand MusicImmersionTravel, they want to accompany you, a music lover, in this unforgettable experience.

Get excited, express yourself, have fun and enjoy music in a unique and original environment. Because when a group of musicians play, those who make it feel the same sensation, feel as creators of feelings. This is the true magic of music, a universal language that thrills those who interpret and listen to it.

Through MusicImmersionTravel, we give you the opportunity to experience music like never before. Rehearse with the Musical Society, parade through the streets during the festivities or perform concerts, in addition to the common lunches and dinners of the groups that will help, without any doubt, to feel part of the great family that is the musical society.

If you are looking for alternative, different and exciting tourism, it will allow you to remember every feeling experienced in the Valencian Community from immersion and experience, from music and culture.

If you feel interested in living and feel this unique experience in one of the 550  most prestigious musical societies in Spain, we invite you to manage your reservations through the web www.musicimmersiontravel.com that offers varied proposals of touristic packages that can be customized according to your motivations and expectations.

A touristic-musical package in which besides the participation and coexistence in the activities of a musical society of the Valencian Community,  will offer accommodation, gastronomic tastings, cultural visits, activities of active tourism and leisure, etc. A wide range of options for you to create the musical experience you want to live.

Tradition, authenticity, hospitality, quality, enthusiasm, are some of the values ​​that the musical societies of the FSMCV offer you.

Because music is born in Comunitat Valenciana, because music lives in Comunitat Valenciana. Comunitat Valenciana, your musical destiny.

¡An Unforgettable Experience!